Thirdman Design

Thirdman is a boutique design company interested in smart, beautiful, individual web and graphic design solutions.

We think design should be like a lovely bespoke suit - considered, crafted, and tailored just for you. Like a suit, off the rack solutions will never fit quite as well as something that has been made to measure. You 'wear' it everyday, it presents you to the world, so it's worth putting some effort into it.

What is 'Bespoke'?

Bespoke: "individually or custom-made product or service, traditionally used to refer to custom-tailored clothing"

The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak, to "speak for something", or more correctly "to give order for it to be made". In Fashion, the term bespoke is reserved for individually patterned and crafted men's clothing, as compared to mass manufatured off-the-rack items found in most stores. Bespoke clothing is traditionally hand made and cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for each customer - resulting in clothing that fits one person perfectly. A Bespoke garment is made to fit just one person, exactly.

Bespoke design is custom-made, from scratch, to suit the needs of each project.

For more about Bespoke tailoring, allow me to reccommend The English Cut.

What's in a name?

Thirdman? It's a fielding position in the noble and esteemed sport of cricket. It's also a film. It's also the idea that there's you, the person you're communicating with, and sometimes it helps to have someone else to help you make that happen. I get out of the way, and focus on what's best for you or your message.

Who Am I

Thirdman is masterminded by Gareth Bedford, and is based in Timaru, New Zealand.

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